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Hi friends Here’s good news for Avid bloggers who want to become a contributor at
We’ve decided to accept posts specially from great bloggers and Writers, so that you can get the exposure needed in blogosphere To make your voice reach Far and wide to Online Audience .

You will get exposure to ever growing audience Of Our Site each month .

Here' are a few guidelines for you to follow for posting.

Before you get started writing for cheaphostingsale here are some tips given below to ponder over which will help you to get your articles published on cheaphostingsale

First thing to do is to get an overview of what we write and what audience loves ,for that purpose Head over to our homepage and check out first few posts to understand what kind of article we publish here, and what kind of articles users engage with mostly.

You need to Write the content which is solely gives your Full potential and ads value to the readers by keeping your focus on quality . As we all know the best post is when it teaches someone something great, or you tend to share an unbiased opinion based on research, facts and experience or some ones interview which could inspire others to lead their path of success to acme .

Mind it We don’t accept article from SEO link-builders, We are a Hosting INFO community focused blog, and would love to retain its integrity like this only .
What kind of content can you write for cheaphostingsale?
Well, you can write on any subject which will get the readers attention and interest,but the fact is it should be interesting .

As to Be specific ,i have featured some topics/categories suggestions on which you can write to get published on this blog Below. Do make sure that you have not already summit that post to us or it has been published earlier by someone else on our blog.
  • Anything Related to Domain names ,GTLDS,Hosting services
  • Wordpress hosting 
  • VPS/Dedicated hosting services 
  • Domain names How To's 
  • Domain services
  • Domain Tutorials
  • Hosting Tutorials 
  • Hosting how to's and DIY
  • Hosting guides 
  • Hosting features specs
  • Hosting comparison on various grounds 
  • Hosting deals ,offers etc
  • Hosting Reviews

Article Submissions Guidelines 
  • Your articles should be more than 700 words and there is no upper limit 
  • Your articles must be original and must have never been published before on the Internet 
  • You will also have to agree not to republish the article anywhere else (i.e, even in your own blog or as a guest post in other blogs) 
  • Plagiarism will not be allowed 
  • You can add one link in your article that links to your blog/website/Social Profile. It will be displayed prominently after your name/byline. 
  • Do not spam keywords 
  • We reserve the right to edit signatures including multiple links or that we deem to be too long. cheaphostingsale will only link to websites that it deems appropriate and relevant. ,we can also add our own links in your articles.
  • Under no circumstances will we link to websites containing material we deem to be offensive or of an adult nature Or any promotional Affiliate links. 
  • As you know picture speaks thousand words you can include pictures and illustrations if required in the topic as it gives a clear message of what you want to convey .if you are Writing some tutorial get your own print -screen images and if you want to summit videos then you can make your videos and send us to our mail to get it published on our youtube channel. 
  • By submitting Articles to Optimisedtech, you give us the copyright ownership of the Your Article. This helps us to deal with any kind of DMCA related issues.

Now, finally are you ready to write at
If you agree to the few terms and conditions Given Above, send your articles to my mail

Please note, reserves the right to reject guest articles and if it is not accepted you are free to use it in your own blog or in other websites. Usually, we take 36 hours to inform you our decision.

See you on board! Get Going Writing !!

In case if you have any query regarding guest posting at cheaphostingsale, do let us know via Our Email Address.


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