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what is managed website hosting

hello folks i can bet that if you are reading this post then you are an web designer,web entrepreneur,publisher or a blog/website owner...aren't you.
now days as your work load increases it gets difficult to look after nitty-gritty things like your hosting issues ,updating your plugins etc .so for all these issues of hosting you need to employ a in house hosting expert which would cost you more for little host work ,so to cater to this problem ,i recommend you to go in for managed website hosting services which are far cheaper than your in house employee and also they takes car e of all your hosting issue .
managed website hosting is also useful when you don't no much about the technical stuff of hosting and you want to get things done fast .

Managed Website Hosting

Managed website hosting is a type of hosting in which you get vps or dedicated servers which are fully managed by the hosting service providers and you do not have to take care of any kind of security issues,updates etc as your manged hosting providers looks after all the technical aspects of your hosting for you like updates,vulnerability scans, DDoS attack mitigation, data backups, load balancing, firewalls, intrusion detection etc at an extra cost which may not burn an hole in your pocket but makes your work much easier .

If you own a Wordpress blog or website then its very easy to get manged website hosting to look after all the technical aspects of your blog and website for you thus saving your time overall.

mainly in manged hosting you get fully optimized servers for your Cms like wordpress which increases your productivity and increase your website speed along with performance .

Managed hosting is a form of dedicated hosting in which all your hosting needs are taken care by the hosting providers without letting you know the inner working the hosting servers etc ,though you get the access to your cpanel ,Sql etc but you would barely require them because all your work is done by the hosting provides for you .

Features Of Managed Website Hosting

Here i am going to share with you some of the amazing features of manged website hosting which you will enjoy when you purchase a manged website hosting from the hosting firms

1. Security

In manged website hosting you get advanced security for your website which prevents any kind of Trojans and malware intrusions in to websites and make it hack proof by deploying a highly secure and encrypted firewall for preventing unauthorized access to your website and servers .

2. High performance 

With the manged hosting you get maximum performance from your serves as they are optimized to handle any amount of traffic for your website without making your servers crash and making your website go down ,also your page loading time decreases as a CDN also comes in manged hosting package which makes your website speed very fast to give you high performance and your users very low page loading time with minimum amount of latency .

3. Premium support Services

As a manged website hosting buyer you get premium support services which gives you a 24x7 manager to take your issues and queries if you have any and get them resolved at the earliest
you get talk to support service executives 24x7 via call,email,chat,support tickets etc 

4. Data backups

In manged website hosting care is taken to automatically backup your website data from time to time without getting it noticed by you,so that in case of any emergency ,you will have your all website data as a backup for you to use later without any worries .

5. Auto Updates
In manged hosting services ,all the care about the latest updates installing is taken by the team .whenever you get a new WordPress update or any plugin update ,they are installed by the team and you don't have to worry about them.they keep all your plugins correctly and optimizes them with their servers to give best performance to you .

6. load optimization balancing
In load manged hosting all your website traffic load is managed by the hosting team to give best performance for your website and also they optimizes all the server resources  to handle exceptional traffic scaling whenever required for your website .

Limitations/Disadvantages Of Managed Website Hosting

1. Price

managed hosting service comes with a price tag which is more than your usual shared hosting services because in this your more extensive services with extra effort just for your website which makes the price tag quite justified for the services .

2. Less Control

In managed hosting services you get less control of the inner tech stuff like sql servers etc ,you can only access to your managed hosting cpanel and all other things are managed by your hosting providers ,you have to just email them or  make a call with your issues and requirements and then they will fix it themselves for you.
i think you do not Require more control over the techie issues ,Thats why you purchase a manged hosting plan,isn't it.

Top 3 Managed website hosting Companies

1. Inmotion hosting

They offer customized managed hosting solutions to all its clients with best in class services to cater all needs and requirements of the clients for manged hosting services .

managed hosting services from inmotion comes at a flat 20% discount for all its new customers of manage website hosting .

Visit Inmotion To Know More

2. Bluehost Hosting
Bluehost is one of the most popular wordpress managed hosting offer managed hosting services at a very cheap rates to its has various packages to cater to the need of customers according to their  requirements .
its plans catalog along with prices is given below for you to take a look

Visit Bluehost To Know More

4. Cloudways
cloudways provide cloud managed hosting services to it s clients and look after all the issues of customers and updates all things on their own ,also their speed and security is good .

Visit Cloudways To Know More

If you are a beginner than you don't need a manged website hosting just to get started ,in that case i recommend you to go for shared bluehost hosting ,but if you want to expand your website or you are getting very hefty traffic and you don't know the technical aspects of hosting then i prefer you go for manged hosting which would cost you much cheaper than buying a vps hosting and keeping a in house hosting management team to look after the technical aspects of hosting.
managed hosting could be best when you try from the hosting providers given above as they have best in class support services and provides good performance to their manged hosting services clients from across the world .


  1. DreamHost is ultimately one of the best hosting company with plans for any hosting needs.


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